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Site 11 Phase II Esplanade

Client: City of Tacoma Contract Size: $1.45 Million Anticipated Completion: June 2015 This project is the second phase of the Thea Fo... more

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Pease Construction, Inc.

Who We Are Pease Construction, Inc. has been a leader in the construction industry since 1984. Pease Construction was created with the foundation of integrity, forward-thinking, honesty, and leadership.

What We Do

LEAD: As a General Contractor, it is Pease Construction's job to LEAD the team to success through effective leadership, communication and problem solving skills.

QUALITY CONTROL: Pease Construction's system of quality control covers all aspects of the construction operation. It is tied to the construction sequence and contains three phases of inspection: preparatory, initial and follow-up, for every aspect of work performed. In addition to being the system that is approved and utilized by the Corps of Engineers. Under this system, we have completed projects and received Outstanding Evaluations on several projects.

BUILD Our management team brings a 20 plus years of experience to the industry which results in well built projects but we also have BUILT and continue to BUILD lasting relationships with our clients.

DESIGN-BUILD Pease Construction's design-build has been strong in every respect. We have positive working relationships with engineers, architects, and owners, and have been able to produce quality projects which meet the demands of all parties and have done so in a timely manner.